"It has been an enormous pleasure to work with Debby Adams. Her solid professional training and expertise is absolutely surpassing. She offers her astute guidance in a most timely manner and with a truly remarkable degree of warmth and support."

Leslie Ross, Ph.D., Chair of Art History, Dominican University of California
Author of Art and Architecture of the World's Religions (2009)

"It was a pleasure to work with Debby Adams on two of my co-authored art history books as she carefully solved content issues, made suggestions for improvement, and ultimately functioned as welcome support."

Kristin Congdon, Ph.D., Professor of Humanities, University of Central Florida
Co-Author of Twentieth Century United States Photographers: A Student's Guide (2008)
with Kara Kelley Hallmark

"I worked with Debby Adams on three artist encyclopedias. Her insight and technical skills as an editor enhanced my writing every time. I highly recommend Ms. Adams as an editor."

Kara Kelley Hallmark, Freelance Author and Scholar
Author of Encyclopedia of Asian American Artists (2007)

Co-Author of Twentieth Century United States Photographers: A Student's Guide (2008)
with Dr. Kristin Congdon

"Debby Adams is an outstanding editor. I have worked with her since 1998 during which time she served as the primary editor for three of my books. She is insightful and clear, supportive and encouraging. My writing is better because of her feedback and suggestions. I absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to improve their writing skills—at any level!"

Sara E. Quay, Ph.D., Dean of Education at Endicott College, MA
Author and Editor of Cultural History of Reading (2008)

"Debby's editing was a great help in the production of my book, "Dope: A History of Performance Enhancement in Sports ...". Her suggestions were always insightful, clarified a number of topics, and made the book stronger in ways too numerous to mention. Without her assistance, "Dope" would not nearly be the book it is."

Daniel Rosen, author of the Rant Your Head Off blog
Author, Dope: A History of Performance Enhancement in Sports (2008)

“Simply put, I would not have had a writing career without Debby Adams. Throughout the process of publishing my first book (and three others) Debby, as my editor, was extremely patient, knowledgeable, and wonderfully encouraging as she read my work. She has a keen sense of knowing how to “edit” without sacrificing the editorial content.”

Ralph G. Giordano, Architect
Author of Social Dancing in America: A History and Reference (2006)

“My daughters started taking college level English Comp classes (for high school credits)...My second daughter needed some help with her essays.  It was with great confidence I set her up with Debby for tutoring.  Debby was patient and giving of her time and talents.  My daughter’s skills and confidence were boosted almost immediately.  Her graded papers improved each time.  By the time the second English level class came up my daughter jumped right into the material. My daughter’s grades and confidence improved greatly, which made her second year class much more valuable!  It was time and money well spent! Debby was able to meet one on one with my daughter and pace her along to a level of confidence and performance!”

L. Mullaly, homeschooling mother, northern Connecticut

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